Tasting Lounges

S ome food and wine areas devoted to the local excellences, specifically arranged with cozy and tempting spaces created to turn the taste and the sensory research into a real lifestyle. Here you have the Tasting Lounges: they will celebrate the De.Co. Carne Salada (Registered Municipal Designation of Origin), the lakefish and the veggie green world.
Inside these elegant spaces the local menus will be tasted:
starters, first dishes, second dishes, all cooked and interpreted by the local producers, chefs and restauranteurs.
These lounges will become a lively expression of taste and excellence. A rare and precious opportunity to savour the Italian character and the culinary roots of a region, Garda Trentino, that celebrates its cooking arts during Garda con Gusto.
The perfect pairing to bring out the chefs’ creations is represented by Ferrari Trentodoc “bubbles” and the local wines, with a crescendo of sensory perceptions.