Show Cooking

Starred Chefs & Celebrity Chefs


T he show is served. International and national Michelin-starred chefs and Celebrity Chefs will take on some Haute Cuisine shows. Real taste artists, these big names will rotate to interpret the Garda Trentino excellences in the spirit of the culinary experiments and “blends” of different products, paired with the bubbles Ferrari Trentodoc and the wineries of the Vacanze con Gusto project that collaborate with the Tasting Lounges.
The wine won’t be the only joining link: the pairing will also involve another excellence: the POD Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil, in association with the Oil and Olive Academy, and the Grappa, thanks to the Institution for the Protection of the Grappa from Trentino.
The most important prize - winning, the most loved, the most famous chefs will rotate to create a sensory show where they will interpret the local culinary heritage thanks to their creativity and their flair in a heap of Haute Cuisine and great flavours.
During a whole weekend, unique and exclusive showcooking sessions will turn the lunches and the dinners into real top-notch gourmet experiences. Some freshly - made entrées, starters, first and second dishes will be suggested in a real culinary show skillfully presented by Eleonora Cozzella. To end every show cooking session in style, the Omkafè coffee ritual is waiting for you; it will be prepared with the Chemex coffee machine and flavoured with local perfumes and tastes. A unique culinary experience to pair with a Michelin-starred cuisine.