Show Cooking Chef Alfio Ghezzi
& Chef Matteo Delvai


D uring the 2019 Garda con Gusto event Alfio Ghezzi will blow our mind with an opening show cooking together with a young chef, Matteo Delvai, a real talent from our region; he has even been awarded as the 2019 best young cook during the cooking contest in Rimini, organised by the Italian Chef Federation.

On Friday, the 1st November at 12 pm, the two chefs Alfio Ghezzi and Matteo Delvai will take us on a culinary trip to discover some real excellences of Lake Garda Trentino: the De.Co carne salada, the lake fish, and particularly the king of the lake waters: the Lake Garda Carp, a native variety of fish that lives only in the crystal clear waters of Lake Garda and has represented the fortune of the coastal fishermen for centuries.
The pasta will be from the local pasta factory excellence: Monograno Felicetti, and as a gift from mother nature, Alfio and Matteo will take us on a sense discovery of one of the most genuine products grown in the Altogarda countryside: the green broccoli from Torbole, presided over by Slow Food.
The show cooking suggestion will include an entrée, a starter, a first and a second dish; all of them together will take the taster on a real sense trip through the unique region of Garda Trentino

This show cooking is in Italian and in German


Bertoldi Butcher carne salada with apples and grilled celery extract
Paired with Cantine Ferrari wines

Torbole broccoli with a Trentingrana, Trentodoc fizz and Isera chili pepper sauce
Paired with Cantine Ferrari wines

Monograno Matt Felicetti spaghetti with Millenario Maso Bòtes extra virgin olive oil, lemon and cumin
Paired with La Préa Gewürztraminer Trentino Superiore DOC 2016 - Agraria Riva del Garda

Astro Lake Garda carp with sour Gresta Valley vegetables
Paired with Bianco Trentino DOC Biologico Collezione Apponale - Agraria Riva del Garda

Trentino alm cheese with fiordilatte ice cream and Ecoidea pinus mugo essential oil

For each dish the Millenario extra virgin olive oil from the Tenuta Maso Bòtes company is paired

Followed by the Omkafè coffee ritual, prepared with the Chemex coffee machine

Grappa tasting with an expert of the Institution for the Protection of the Grappa from Trentino