Carne Salada Tasting Lounge - Cis Butcher’s

Garda con Gusto a Riva del Garda 2018

Cis Butcher’s and Chef Enrico Demadonna from Osteria La Torre in Molina di Ledro prepare:


The carne salada meets the East: carne salada futomaki and sushi tasting with sweet and sour celery root chips and lemon vinaigrette
Paired with Ferrari Maximum Brut

*The entrance ticket includes a starter among those offered by the Tasting Lounges

First course

Wine and goat cheese ravioli: carne salada and Teroldego - tossed radish ravioli on a fresh goat cheese cream

Main course

“Cis” burger: sesame bun with carne salada hamburger, king trumpet mushrooms, avocado mayo and season vegetables

Wine pairings

Wine selection from the Comai and Pravis Winery

Show Cooking Cis & Co. - Sunday 3 November – 11:30 am

Under the direction of Eleonora Cozzella, journalist and food critic, Chef Enrico Demadonna and producer Massimo Cis will prepare a dish of their menu live in an exclusive Cooking Show.

Only 30 seats - no reservations possible