Carne Salada Tasting Lounge - Bertoldi Butcher’s

Garda con Gusto a Riva del Garda 2018

Bertoldi Butcher’s and Chef Ivan Doskovic from Ristorante l'Ora in Riva del Garda prepare:


Carne Salada Cappuccino: potato foam with a carne salada mousse and mushrooms
Paired with Ferrari Maximum Blanc des Blancs

*The entrance ticket includes a starter among those offered by the Tasting Lounges

First course

Gratin Monograno Felicetti Paccheri pasta stuffed with carne salada and pumpkin cream

Main course

Pinot Nero Maso Elesi braised carne salada cube with Molino Pellegrini yellow flour polenta

Wine pairings

Wine selection from the Agraria Riva del Garda Winery

Oil pairings

Oil selection from the Agraria Riva del Garda oil mill

Show Cooking Bertoldi & Co. - Sunday 3 November – 12:15 pm

Under the direction of Eleonora Cozzella, journalist and food critic, Chef Ivan Doskovic and producer Albino Bertoldi will prepare a dish of their menu live in an exclusive Cooking Show.

Only 30 seats - no reservations possible