The new Garda con Gusto - Gourmet Experience,
an international and regional mission

T he Garda Trentino area set the target of promoting and enhancing its typical products and excellences, trying to establish a network made up of all the people and companies connected to the food and wine sector. This kind of event is the perfect showcase and it is made possible thanks to the synergy and the cooperation of producers, chefs, restaurants and restauranteurs, agriturismo and shops connected to the tasting world. They are the real protagonists, and they really deserve a big thanks.

The value of the Garda con Gusto event is that of the sharing and commitment of the many people towards a common goal, that is the promotion of the local products and excellences. The producers offer the high-quality raw materials, the chefs and the restauranteurs create the innovative culinary suggestions, the hotel schools serve these dishes testing the skills and professionalism of both teachers and young students.

The market evolution, the requests of our producers and restauranteurs, the external stimuli and encouragement led us to a sort of restyling last year that is still going on and getting stronger on this fifth edition. During Garda con Gusto you will live a proper Gourmet Experience among the fusions of Michelin-starred international chefs, celebrity chefs who have brought the Made in Italy brand, high and proud, all over the world, and the participation of some prestigious brands as partners.

Italy and the Garda Trentino area are a real wealth of artisan and agricultural excellences, able to grab the attention and admiration of the international markets. Even this edition, rich in value and quality, is made possible thanks to all the people and companies supporting us, with different roles and in different manners, but all extremely precious for the good success of the event. To them, our sincere and deep thanks is due.

Garda Trentino Tourist Board S.p.A.