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Aperitivi di Gusto

Peter Brunel Show Cooking Menu
Friday, the 1st November at 5.30 pm

Armanini trout beetroot ceviche with trout eggs

Potato, mountain eggs, Mount Baldo truffle and extra virgin oil from Agraria Riva del Garda

“My” lake Nizzarda salad with smoked Armanini lake sardines, Ulidea olive powder and Agraria Riva del Garda 46° parallelo extra virgin olive oil

Puffed Molino Pellegrini polenta, Bertoldi carne salada and Torbole broccoli

For each suggestion a selection of extra virgin olive oils from the Agraria Riva del Garda company is paired

Sebastian Sartorelli Show Cooking Menu
Saturday, the 2nd November at 5.30 pm

Barchetta: Molino Pellegrini buckwheat barchetta with citrus-marinated Armanini trout, trout eggs, potherbs, chickpea hummus and aioli sauce

Burger: Dill pan brioche, creamed dried cod and Slow Food Torbole broccoli

Potato cream: Fluffy COPAG potato cream, Alpine shiitake mushrooms from the Guà farm and Mount Baldo black truffle

Carne salada: Pregis “Arte Trentina" carne salada tartare. POD Dro plums and Trentingrana foam

For each suggestion a selection of POD extra virgin olive oils from the Madonna delle Vittorie company is paired

Danilo D'Ambra Show Cooking Menu
Sunday, the 3rd November at 4 pm

German turnip, kefir, Armanini trout and trout eggs. Beurre blanc made with a reduction of Ferrari Perlé wine

Cis Butcher’s carne salada with fig vincotto, Spressa cheese foam, Dijon mustard and Millenario Maso Bòtes extra virgin olive oil

Molino Pellegrini polenta chips, molche butter, sweet tomato and Armanini lake sardine. Sardine garum.

Campi chestnuts, white chocolate and Armanini lake bottarga and Torbole broccoli

Marroni di Campi De.Co., cioccolato bianco e bottarga di lago Armanini e broccolo di Torbole Presidio Slow Food

For each suggestion the Millenario extra virgin olive oil from the Tenuta Maso Bòtes company is paired

The organization and the Chefs reserve the right, in their sole discretion and for reasons of force majeure, to make changes to the menus depending on the availability of the ingredients.