The new Gourmet Experience,
an international and regional mission

T he Garda Trentino region has set a goal to highlight and promote its typical and premium products by including in the selection and starting a collaboration network between all the players in the food and wine sector. This is their ideal showcase event and has been made possible thanks to the cooperation and partnerships between producers, restaurants, caterers, agriturismos and shops linked to the world of fine foods. These are the true performers and stars of this edition, who deserve our heartfelt thanks. The true value of Garda con Gusto lies in the sharing and investment of the various different entities towards a common goal: the promotion of our region’s premium products. The producers offer the product, the chefs and restaurateurs elaborate the culinary proposals, the Hotel and Catering schools have offered tutors and students. The evolution of the market, requests from our producers and restaurateurs, the stimulation and encouragement from outside have been the driving force for the restyling of this edition. We want it to offer you a Gourmet Experience with influences from international starred chefs, involvement from food bloggers and wine and food journalists and the presence of important brands and sponsor partners. This edition of excellence and quality has been made possible by all those who support us in their different ways and roles. We Thank everyone for the contributions they have made, all of which have been extremely valuable for the successful staging of this event.

Garda Trentino Tourist Board S.p.A.