Chef Matteo Delvai


Y oung, bright and packed with enthusiasm, Matteo Delvai is a 19-year-old boy from Carano (Trento) and a student of the Tione Vocational School. We are pretty sure his name will be remembered in the Haute Cuisine sector for a long time.

Despite his young age, he has already a remarkable curriculum: since he was a child in fact he has had the opportunity to work in important restaurants and has been competed for by several Michelin - starred chefs all around Europe during some successful show cooking sessions. To be honest, Matteo has already set foot among the leading figures of the catering world, because the young chef has been elected as the “Best catering school pupil” all over Italy.

Matteo has won the final whipping all the regional participants. In Rimini, where the cooking contest to select the best pupil in the Italian catering schools, organised by the Italian Chef Federation, took place. Matteo, who was representing Trentino in the contest, won the first prize.

The most important year for his educational experience was 2016, when Matteo got an exceptional offer for a 16-year-old boy passionate about cookery: being called by Alessandro Gilmozzi, the Michelin - starred chef of the Molin restaurant in Cavalese, one of the most famous Italian “MasterChefs”, first as a trainee and then as a cook for the working season.

Other two big names are closely related to Matteo: those of chef Lionello Cera (Antica Osteria da Cera, 2 Michelin stars) and chef Stephan Zippl (Ristorante 1908 inside the Parkhotel Holzner, an emerging chef who is one of Niederkofler’s pupils).

In this way, Matteo gets in contact with a top - notch gourmet cuisine, working with zero-mile ingredients and products coming from his own mountains, and choosing even the simplest herbs very carefully. Thanks to this experience, he could get back to a long - standing love that has been passed down to him by his granny since he was a child: botany.

This young chef perfectly personifies a winning duo: cookery and higher vocational education. We will have the chance to appreciate this “perfect wedding” during the 2019 edition of Garda con Gusto, thanks to the creations of the young and award winning chef Matteo Delvai. star in 2016.