Chef Gennaro Esposito


“F orgetting your own origins is a mortal sin”.

Gennaro Esposito, two Michelin stars and a soul as versatile as that of his motherland, the Campania region, which strongly affects his creations.
Today more than ever, as an appreciated and twice prizewinning chef, Gennaro Esposito turns his culinary calling into a mission: serving only the freshness, the seasonality, the regional excellences that make Italy great, a country to be enhanced every day with simple, genuine and real creations. As he is.
Among the forerunners of the TV cooking shows, for a long time he has been participating to the Gambero Rosso TV programmes, always considering his Restaurant as well: Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense, achieving the most important accolades from the international guides over the years. He partecipated to “Junior MasterChef” as a judge, and as the same role in the current edition of the TV programme “Cuochi d’Italia”.

Thanks to the opportunity he has had to travel the world, learning from world - class chefs, from Vissani to Alain Ducasse, Chef Esposito has become conscious that the cooking he had imagined was exactly there, at his fingertips and ready for his creativity.
In this way, some dishes were born that are all in one with him, and have also made him become a guru of the exquisite yet sincere cooking: the pasta soup, the silver scabbardfish parmigiana or the ricotta cheese soup with red mullets. A hymn to the territoriality that perfectly blends together with the soul and spirit of Garda con Gusto - Gourmet Experience, and that makes this event a moment to be remembered in the mouth, the stomach and the heart.