Chef Filippo Sinisgalli


A n authentic man from the South and a deep connoisseur of the Italian culinary culture, chef Filippo Sinisgalli brings the real Italian flavours all over the world. His philosophy implies a thorough commitment to the raw materials as the sine qua non to realize a dish. The executive chef of Il Palato Italiano is to offer a cooking that is the result of a careful research of the Italian authenticity and the scouting of talented youngsters who are then capable of enhancing it.
Filippo Sinisgalli, food hunter and devoted to coaching, has turned the unceasing selection of the excellences from the Bel Paese into his mission. With Il Palato Italiano (link) he has become the front man of the company mindset, an ambassador of down-to-earth and solid values, and the promoter of a Made in Italy quality which is appreciated by international cinema stars the likes of Whoopi Goldberg and Susan Sarandon.



T o Garda con Gusto 2019 Chef Sinisgalli will bring a mastery that arises from the love for both balance and harmony, whose truest expression turns into some dishes where the respect for the turning of the season and for the raw materials amalgamate in a perfect union for the soul and the palate.
During Garda con Gusto 2019 on Saturday, the 2nd November at 8 pm, chef Filippo Sinisgalli will delight us with a show cooking suggestion that will include an entrée, a starter, a first dish and a second dish conceived through a crescendo of sensory experiences that will involve the main local protagonists, from the De.Co. (Registered Municipal Designation of Origin) carne salada to the fresh fish of Lake Garda.



Il Palato Italiano is a company devoted to discovering, enhancing and making the Italian culinary art known through experiential and cultural activities, as well as an accurate selection of excellent food and wine products. The executive chef is Filippo Sinisgalli, accompanied by the event manager Tiziana Sinisgalli all along. Their synergistic union creates proper food experience strongly based on the Italian quality. Los Angeles, New York, Miami, London and now Riva del Garda.