Chef Danilo D’Ambra
Ristorante Johnson & Dipoli e Marianne Stube, Egna (Bz)


C hef Danilo D’Ambra, born in 1986, his heart divided between Caserta, where he was born, and Bolzano, where he grew up and succeeded as a renowned Chef. His culinary suggestion is original and natural, fruit of a careful research and food preparation techniques. Danilo melts the tradition of his motherland with that of South Tyrol. Together with the mastery learned by the great chefs he has met during his education, this melting turns him into a mixture of flavours (he then adds to his creations) and vitality. During Garda con Gusto - Gourmet Experience Chef D’Ambra will take his genuine and careful cooking with him, becoming the spokesman of some authentic values like good food.

Danilo D’Ambra, the heart from Campania and the determination from South Tyrol make this Chef, born in 1986, an authentic sign of how the nice, real and authentic influences are definitely a treasure.
Coming from the deep South, Danilo D’Ambra moved soon to South Tyrol where he could present his food creations in some famous local restaurants packed with perseverance and determination. In this way he started to establish himself as the proponent of a kind of cuisine which is simple, genuine, “homemade”, but at the same time characterised by advanced cooking techniques.

Being a tireless creative talent and an enthusiast connoisseur of the high-quality raw materials, Chef D’Ambra loves Lake Garda and its excellences he often introduces in his menus: coregonus, trout, lavaret. The lake fish has no secrets for him, and becomes the main ingredient of some highly creative dishes, halfway between tradition and innovation. In the Johnson & Dipoli restaurant in Egna, where he passionately works, he serves high-quality meat and fish raw materials, cooked with a natural talent. Shifting from a “fish carbonara” to a beef guanciale, Chef D’Ambra is leading the South Tyrol (but not only) cooking to unexpected levels. Danilo is a young chef, with a natural passion for cooking, perfected first as a personal chef and second while working in renowned restaurants together with important chefs. During Garda con Gusto - Gourmet Experience, he will introduce his precious but simple cuisine, without too many alchemies or superfluous elements, a genuine and rich cooking to feast your eyes. A culinary art that oozes emotions and leaves its memory at every morsel.


D uring Garda con Gusto - Gourmet Experience Chef Danilo D’Ambra will surprise us with his Aperitivo di Gusto Show Cooking on Sunday, the 3rd November at 4 pm, we will toast with some Ferrari Trentodoc fizz drinks, some Institution for the Protection of the Grappa from Trentino drinks and other local products paired with Chef D’Ambra’s small food suggestions.