Garda con Gusto a Riva del Garda
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
March 6, 2020
il Garda Trentino in un bicchiere
Garda Trentino in a glass of wine
April 3, 2020

Broccoli of Torbole – Slow Food Presidium

Son of the wind, a jewel of green deliciousness cultivated for centuries and suitable to all the food preparations. 

The green broccoli from Torbole grows in the cold season thanks to the Garda Trentino winds: the Ora and the Pelèr, that mitigates the icy streams and make the climate mild in this strip of land. In this way, the green broccoli can get those organoleptic properties which are essential for our health. 

You can eat everything of this precious excellence, nothing is left behind. The leaves are wonderfully rich in mineral salts and iron, and taste delicious if seasoned with a bit of POD Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil, but also as the main ingredient of a tasty traditional dish like the strangolapreti. 

And the flower? The central part of the green broccoli from Torbole is a wonderful light-yellow core with a sweet and delicate flavour. 

Don’t miss the chance to try this tasty recipe and discover the “son of the wind”… the Garda Trentino taste is guaranteed! 

Green broccoli cream tarts  

Ingredients for the garda extra-virgin olive oil salted pastry: 

350gr spelt flour 

A pinch of salt 

170gr Garda extra virgin olive oil 

3 yolks 

For the green broccoli cream 

1 green broccoli from Torbole 

200gr ricotta cheese 

1 egg 

20gr Trentino grana cheese 

salt and pepper 

100gr alpine cheese  


Fresh milk 

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