Faccani brings the gourmet version of “carne salada”
October 22, 2018
The German master Hillejan matches “carne salada” with vegetables from Val di Gresta
October 30, 2018

Omkafé Taste Lounge gives you a pleasant break

One of our many Taste Lounges – food and wine area for local delicacies tasting – is the perfect spot to conclude every tasting and meal – it is the dessert and coffee one. Especially, you will have the chance to taste the quality of the products by Omkafé, a family-based company founded in Arco in 1947, which is focused on craftsmanship, research and innovation.

Take a break in the Dessert and Coffee Lounge: Omkafé will welcome you in a space where the culto of this precious drink reigns and where you can sample these famous blends as well as other delicacies.

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